Why Waxing

The purpose of applying wax to yarn is to improve efficiency of knitting and weaving process by reducing frictional resistance between yarn and yarn, yarn and needle, and yarn and other objects: the wax is the best and ideal lubricant. For that purpose, without using the wax, favourable efficiency cannot be expected especially in today's high speed knitting process. Although the wax is considered to be the best lubricant, the types of the wax must be selected very carefully.

Naturally Good

AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,® recognise our responsiblity of the environment.Our product PREMIER roll got Global Organic Textile Std Version 4.0 by ETKO EKOLOJIK TARIM KONTROL ORGANIZASYONU Ltd., Sti. AMBAL PREMIER is completely biodegradable and totally free from impurities.
These feautures also have more benefits for the production process, because Premier Wax can be washed out completely. AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,® lies in its results with better color consistency and improved quality of knitted fabrics.

So the thread never tears:


The particular ingenuity of our premier rolls lies in their manufacturing process and in the high quality formula we use. These factors give the wax its special qualities. The smooth wax rolls by AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,® is there for you to try. The high purity of our premier wax rolls, free from impurities and air bubbles, is achieved using a special casting process.

Wax rolls by AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,® are distinguished by a particularly low paraffin consumption and even distribution along the yarn. The wax is free of air bubbles and has a remarkably high degree of purity. What is more, our rolls let manufacturers achieve high machine efficiency thanks to extraordinarily low friction levels. By the way, AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,® wax rolls save time and money.

Good Reasons for AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,®:

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